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Student Scientific Society of the Children's Diseases Department holds its first meeting in the new academic year

More than a hundred participants including students, clinical residents, doctors, researchers and other specialists of the departments of Almazov Centre took part in the discussion of the modern modalities of artificial intelligence in medical practice.

Professor Irina. Nikitina, Head of the Department of Children's Diseases with Clinic at the Faculty of Medicine, welcomed the participants and spoke about the importance of using AI technologies to optimize the diagnostic process for children’s diseases using the example of congenital hyperinsulinism.

In his speech, Professor Alexander Krasichkov, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University, defined artificial intelligence technologies and showed their capabilities in modern conditions using specific examples.

Professor Daria Ryzhkov, Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Technologies with Clinic, spoke about the real opportunities and challenges in evaluating PET/CT images for congenital hyperinsulinism and other diseases.

L.R. Sarakaeva, PhD student of the Department of Children's Diseases with Clinic at the Faculty of Medicine, presented fragments of research on new diagnostic markers and criteria based on the AI-based module for analyzing PET/CT scans in congenital hyperinsulinism. It should be noted that a group of researchers created new, previously undescribed diagnostic criteria that significantly refine the diagnosis of the morphological forms of this rare and difficult-to-treat disease.

At the end, speakers answered questions in a lively discussion with the audience. This was the first SSS meeting on the topic of artificial intelligence and its use in clinical medicine, and further discussion will follow.
New researchers are welcome to join!