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Student Residential Council established at Solnechny

The Student Residential Council was established at the Solnechny campus as a group of students that work together to make student life better and make students feel comfortable on campus.
In a very short time, the Council has already managed:
✅ to organize a Cinema Club on Fridays,
✅ to purchase cleaning and janitorial supplies,
✅ to arrange a charity event for animal welfare,
✅ to arrange for a coffee and snack machine in the ninth block,
✅ to secure a gym for regular use.
The team of the Student Residential Council was the first in the history of the Institute of Medical Education to take part in the annual St. Petersburg Forum of Student Residential Councils.
Our team was ranked 6th overall out of 13 teams and won the second place for its projects.
Congratulations to our participants for their commitment and effort! Keep up the great work!