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Library of the Almazov National Medical Research Center opened in the 2009 as part of the Institute of Medical Education.

The library is located in three city areas: Akkuratova Street, in close proximity to the main clinical complex of the Center; in the village Solnechnoye, on the territory of the suburban Scientific and Educational Complex; and in the center of St. Petersburg within the walls of the historical building of the Russian Neurosurgical Institute named after A. L. Polenov.

All reading rooms are equipped with comfortable places for students to study and work. Students can use printers and computers with Internet access.  Library in Solnechnoye also has a recreation area and a regularly replenished section of fiction, including children's books.

The printed scientific and educational collection of the library has more than 35 thousand titles which includes monographs, textbooks, teaching aids, clinical recommendations, national manuals, reference books on the main areas of work and training: cardiology, hematology, cardiovascular surgery, endocrinology, functional diagnostics, therapy, genetics, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, neurosurgery and many others. In addition, every year our subscription to leading scientific journals prolongates.

To maintain the accessibility of scientific and educational literature, our library is actively developing the field of information resources. It consists of Irbis electronic catalog  as well as leading Russian electronic library datebases.

With the support of the National Subscription project our readers have access to the latest full-text databases and archives of medical publishers. Among them are such big names as Springer, Wiley, EBSCO, OUP, LWW and many others.

All our students are provided with modern tablets, which allows them to obtain information anytime and anywhere. It also makes online learning easier.

The library is actively involved in the Centre’s educational process, helping students and employees with a variety of requests. Library staff conducts educational and scientific work, maintains communication with colleagues from other scientific libraries.

Virtual and face-to-face exhibitions are held annually, timed to coincide with the significant dates of Russian science and history.

Our library is able to provide high-quality and timely informational support and introduction to the current scientific topics.

We are always glad to see you in our library!