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The profession of a doctor is one of the most ancient and important for humanity. Almazov Centre is a world-renowned research hospital that combines leading-edge research, state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding faculty to provide exceptional multidisciplinary clinical care and medical training.

The Institute of Medical Education at Almazov Centre is committed to providing an innovative educational experience to pursue successful careers in medicine. It has 4 faculties, 29 departments, 2 training centres and offers a specialist’s degree in General Medicine, 3 master's programs, 38 residency programs, 18 PhD programs, 230 continuing education programs.

Every year, more than 5,000 foreign and native students are trained here at all levels from basic medical education to postgraduate studies including unique specialized courses. Our students come from more than 90% of Russian regions and 13 countries.

At the heart of medical education at Almazov Centre are world-class scientific achievements coupled with high-tech medical care and the experience of highly qualified faculty. Every year, it adopts revolutionary medical technologies and implements innovative research and educational projects. In 2020, the World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine was established at Almazov Centre. New breakthrough technologies emerge at the junction of sciences. Medicine has always been enriched by the convergence of sciences.

Today, artificial intelligence and big data are quickly evolving and widely used in medicine, allowing for the development of technologies for genetic risk assessment, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, biomodeling, genome modification and the creation of gene therapy drugs and biomedical cell products with the use of genome editing technologies. Highly trained, forward-looking and efficient professionals are needed to work in these areas.

Almazov Centre offers a premier educational experience based on the combination of basic and applied research, modern laboratory facilities, educational innovations and clinical practice; joint teaching of disciplines by leading scientists of related fields; digital environment; practice-oriented learning; active and interactive educational technologies (simulation training, trainings, business games, virtual clinical rounds and reviews, individual and collective projects); individual educational and research trajectories of students, personal development of each student to mold her/him as a highly qualified professional.