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Campus Life

Halls of residence and student accommodation

Full-time foreign students can be accommodated in our halls of residence or in third-party student dormitories if vacant rooms are available.

Accommodationis available only for enrolled students. Once enrolled, please confirm your arrival and apply for a room by email or phone:

Nina Scheglova, Social Specialist

e-mail: zaselenie@almazovcentre.ru

phone: 8 (812) 702-37-49 (ext. 002818)

When checking-in, you need to have the following medical documents:

Form 086/y certificate and its copy

Medical assessment of a chest X-ray and its copy

Drug certificate 454/У-06 (valid for 10 days)

COVID-19 vaccination certificate or QR code about the previous coronavirus infection in the past 6 months

Student stipends

Full-time foreign students of basic professional degree programs, PhD students and residents including those studying within the quota set by the Russian government or under relevant international agreements receive the government stipend.

Medical insurance

All international students are required to have a valid medical insurance policy.

For more information, please visit the site of Clinic №76.



Because of the current epidemiological situation all foreign students entering Russia are strongly recommended to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Medical check-ups for first-year students

In September, first-year-students must undergo a medical check-up at City Outpatient Clinic No. 76 (address: Bldg 1, 11 Khlopina street). The following medical documents are required:

Medical certificate form No. 030-ПО/у-17 (if under 18 years old) or form No. 131/у (if older than 18 years) or a similar certificate issued in the home country in Russian or duly translated into Russian (valid for 6 months from the issue date)

The medical certificate must contain: statements from all specialist doctors (internal medicine specialist, surgeon, neurologist, ENT doctor, ophthalmologist), chest X-ray results (valid for max. 1 year), blood and urine tests.

Vaccination certificate and its copy or other medical document with a list of al vaccinations, including information about vaccination against COVID-19 (should be issued in Russian or translated into Russian)

Disability Certificate (if applicable) stating the diagnosis and disability group (in Russian or translated into Russian).

Students are entitled to receive medical help at the student clinic. Please obtain a medical insurance policy upon arrival. For more information, please visit

the site of Clinic №76

Psychological support

Free psychological support is available for all students. The Psychology Club at the Communication Competence Centre offers individual and group counselling sessions.

If you need help, please contact: psimo@almazovcentre.ru

Digital ID card

All enrolled students must have a student ID card for access to all sites of Almazov Centre. Foreign students should receive the card at the dean's office. If you lost your card, please report it to your dean's office.

Educational portal

Login to e-portal at https://moodle.almazovcentre.ru/ using username and password. Your username and password are provided by the dean’s office within one week after enrolment.

Wi-Fi access

On campus, students can get WiFi access after enrolment. To join the wireless network of Almazov Centre, students use the username and password provided by the dean’s office.

Campus life and leisure

Student Council is a student self-governing body that acts to enhance student life and participate in the designated areas of university government.

Students’ Union is a student self-governing body committed to representing and protecting the rights of students. It works to help freshers to adapt, organizes events and trips, resolves conflicts, etc.

Arts Club gives students the opportunity to hang out with friends in a fun atmosphere and take part in creative activitiessuch as Instrumental Music, Vocal Group, Dance Troupe and Theatre Club.

Sports club is a group of students voluntarily organized for the purpose of furthering their common interest in sports and encouraging students to take part in physical activity. Club members organize sports events and participate in various competitions.

Almazov Student Scientific Society organizes and encourages the development of students' research activities. It has almost 350 members and 22 research teams who are involved in clinical and experimental projects, win conference awards, contribute to publications, grants and patents. AlmazovSSSholds 100 meetingsayear.

Youth Media Centre unites students who want to share information about student life in the media and on the Internet.

Student Volunteering Unit – Only the Heart – unities morethan 470 volunteers. In 2022, they assisted in more than 40 events and worked 7,698 hours in the clinics of Almazov Centre.